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Learning photography while working for my father and uncle at Brand's Camera store in downtown Minneapolis I have been capturing images since 1971. Working there I learned photography from some of the most skilled photographers in the Twin Cities, and was trained by Eastman Kodak professionals in film types and use.

Learning to shoot photographs on film is a special skill that has been lost to digital photography. Although I now use Canon digital cameras, I still shoot with film on many occasions.

Photography is about composition and shaping light. I have extensive lighting equipment to illuminate your photographs to tell a specific story or set a special mood. Every photography should tell a story.

My passion has been to capture those stories on film, and today digitally. Every time I take a photo I realize it is a moment in time; an image that freezes a fraction of a second. But that image can have a history that goes back decades, and a future that hasn't been written.

A photo session with me is an interactive collaboration where we work together to create memories intended to be saved for future generations.

Photography for non-profit organizations: Free, ask for details.

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Capturing history in a fraction of a second 

Saving memories for future generations